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Nov. 30, 2003

Good day one and all, I know most haven't heard word from me in quite some time and expressed concern about the lack of updates to the webpage. What most didn't know was that I had been injured by a hit and run driver back in April. I do intend to keep the page alive and hope to update soon. I am still undergoing treatment for the injuries sustained but I'm doing better, slow and steady progression, but I'm getting there.

I am still working on getting better and working on existing artwork commissions from my art site Wildcat Creations among other things. I apologize for the time-delay due to these activities. When I get caught up on things, I hope to have the time to do the updates to character bios, reviews, fanfics and more! To those who have sent pictures or fanfics that haven't been put up yet, please resend them to the proper email address below. Thanks for your patience!

--Tigrr Wildcat--

The Generation X comic may have ended it's run, but it's memory is still alive at Kindred Spirits!

Chamber has become an X-Man, Blink finally has her own series, there are many new views to explore. This page is dedicated to keeping GenX alive to all it's fans. You have many sections to view, pictures to see and stories to read at Kindred Spirits. So don't delay any longer, keep scrolling!

Generation X Basics,   Tigrr's thoughts

Generation X, a monthly Marvel comic, was created by the talents of Scott Lobdell (writer) along with Chris Bachalo (artist) and released in 1994. The third generation of mutants, known as "Generation X", are a group of teenagers who are learning how to control and use their powers to help reach the goal of humans and mutants living together peacefully. While under the tutelage of the head-mistress Emma Frost (code name: White Queen) and head-master Sean Cassidy (code name: Banshee) these teens face many challenges on a day to day basis. Whether it's prejudice by being different or an attack from an enemy, they must always be ready. If successful, this third generation of mutants could one day graduate to join the first generation team, the "X-Men". Whether they want to become X-Men or try to lead a "normal" life is up to them to decide.

"Kindred Spirits" is your unofficial guide to the Marvel comic, Generation X. Here you'll find many selections to help you find info about GenX and have fun in the process. Whether you need to see bios and issue summaries or just want to play a game or chat with fellow readers, you'll find it here. Feel free to view the links surrounding this page and by all means, if you have a question or comment, let me know. So for now I thank you for visiting this site over the years and helping it grow. Enjoy your stay!

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