Generation X Interactive

The interactive section lists many options for you to participate in. Are you looking for a message board to discuss topics in or a chatroom to chat about the comic? Maybe you're looking for a game to play? This section provides you with options for all that and more.

The snobbish M doesn't interact much with GenX, don't make the same mistake! Kindred Spirits Discussion Lounge Post messages and have discussions on topics GenX related.
GenX Chatroom A java based chatroom provides conversations with fans about GenX.
Hunting for Hama A javascript based game. Avenge your GenX characters from the wraith of Hama and Co.
Obsessed List Add your answers to the question, "You know you're obsessed with GenX when..."
2nd Annual Kindred Spirits Hollowe'en Contest! Join in the Hollowe'en fun, celebrate it GenX style! You might win a prize or two...
The GenX Guild - "Cafe X-Presso" Join the gang at the Cafe "Generation X-Presso", Fanfiction writers who love GenX can write stories about Generation X. But these stories are told in a coffee-house type setting
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