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This site isn't the only site around that focuses on Generation X, I'd like you all to see the sites that have also been created for your comic enjoyment. If you'd like your comic page as a link here than let me know, e-mail me your homepage address and the name of the page and I'll get right on it. Enjoy your stay.

Current number of links: 144

GenX Characters

A Shadow's Silence
Penance's Playpen
Yvette (Polish version)

The Basement - A Chamber Page
The Chamber page

Mondo Homepage
Browncat's cave for Mondo

Synchronicity: The Unofficial Synch Webpage

Skin: Super-Hero from the Barrio
The One-Stop Skin Shop

Light It Up!
Fireworks!: A Jubilee Page...
The Wolverine and Jubilee Homepage
Feral and Wolfman's Jubilation Sensation
Jubilation homepage
The Jubilee homepage
Jubil@tion Lee/personal WBS homepage
Jubilation Lee Online
Camp Jubilee!
Miss 4th of July
Jubilation Lee: Unplugged
Spark City
The Unofficial Jubilee Page

The M Files
Le Chateau St. Croix
M: The Monet St.Croix Homepage

GenXgrrl's Frost/Cassidy Page
White Queen
Frostbytes: The White Queen page
The White Queen's Marble Castle

Kentucky Blues
The Husk Homepage
The Page of Guthrie
Paige Guthrie (HUSK GenX)

Sean Cassidy's Homepage
PJK's Cassidy Keep
Cassidy Keep: A Generation X Page

Lavender Darts: The Blink Homepage
Blink's Portal
Unofficial Blink Homepage
In the Blink of an Eye!
Blink -- Her Further Adventures

Vincent's Vincent Verve

Generation X

The Acadamy: A Generation X Webzine
Generation X Link Database
Generation NeXt
Salem's Generation X Obsession page
Banshee's Angels
Troubled Generation
GenXfans Mailing List
Xavier's Institute of Higher Learning Yearbook
Jubilee's Homepage
GenX: A Generation X Website
Generation Gap Message Board
Generation X Downunder
Proudstar Hall

Comic Related

It Only Hurts When I Sing: The Age of Apocolypse Resource Center
X-Men Prime RPG
Cerebro Files: X-Force
Cerebro Guide to the X-Men
Mutant X Adoption Agency
Le Beau Studios
Women of the X
Across the Pond
Rogue Unlimited
Rogue and Gambit
The Danger Room
Marvel Online
Wahoo! Comic Search
The Unofficial Marvel No-Prize site
Randy Tischler's Marvel URLs List
raxcm FAQ: Where can I find it?
TMU Magazine
AZ Central: Jim Mahfood write-up
Chris Bachalo ComicBook Art
SUNET's Marvel Pictures
Christina's and Martin's Comic Costumes
HandyLinks to Comic Books
The Happy Goth Turnpike
Psy's Domain
Champions Write-ups
ComicsGirl: Comic Book Sites by Women
Method to the Madness
Alpha Zone
Ace's X-men site
Jilted Online - Comic Links
Comic Book Resources
COMICs Universe
X-DAY 2000
Homemade Heroes
Children of the Atom
Industrial Industries
Images of the X
The Classic Cartoons Archive
CST's Comic Pages - X-Men
Multiplex of the mind (J.Steven York)
X-Page Hotlist
The Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comic Creators
Marvelous Lovers

Fan Fiction/Fan Art

Wolvie Femmes
JenX's Archive
Quamp's Discount Fan Fiction Site
C-FAN: The Comic Fan-Fiction Authors Network
Shifting Sands X-Men Fanfiction Archive
The Bucktown Timeline
Marvel: Fast Forward
The Danger Grotto
Mo and Riana's FanFic Archive
Amythyst's X Archive
CFAB: Your Comicbook Fanart Archive HuBsite
Reality Bytes
The Dark Side (The "Wild Ones" storyline)
Icka! the IMP's Treehouse

Movie Characters

Jeremy Ratchford Online (Banshee)

More movie characters coming soon

Art, Design & Misc.

Wildcat Creations
Atlantic Colored Pencil
Not Quite Terrestrial
Aimee's Art Shack
Acid Fonts
HTML Goodies
Website Garage
Microangelo Gifted
WWW homepage for Richard Bonstein Sampson Jr.

Clubs, RPG's and Interactive

Clubs are specific password-entry sites that
provide interactivity to computer users.
Depending on the site, they might include
message boards, chats, Role Playing games
(RPG's for short) and much more.

Artie and Leech's Treehouse
(Featuring Artie & Leech, GenX)

Outdated Links

Here are links to Generation X pages that for one reason
or another, have stopped updating their pages.

Generation X, my way
Circus of Generation X
Bring Back Generation X
The Bad Habit
ECHO's Generation X page
Blink52's Generation X Page
The Ultimate Generation X Web page
Gen-XMaster's Generation X
Penance's GenX Page
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