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Generation X Telefilm Promo adThe Generation X Telefilm was a Marvel "made for TV" movie that aired on February 20th, 1996 on FOX Network. Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the movie was based on the comic with mostly the same layout of characters and situations. The main differences between the movie and the comic were that Penance and Synch weren't in the movie, and Chamber and Paige were replaced with new characters due to lack of funds for their special effects. They replaced Chamber with "Refrax" who had an X-ray vision and could fire light beams from his eyes (similar to Cyclops). Husk was replaced with "Buff" who's body muscle had increased which gives her super strength, a muscular build and a running speed of up to 60 mph. With personalities, Refrax was the sarcastic self-centered character who would pick on Skin while Buff was smart, yet somewhat shy and scared of her power. She would constantly hide her body in baggy clothing and switch the topic when it came up.

To describe the plot of the movie would be to say that it starts out as if the Phalanx Covenant had never occured and each member enroles in the school seperately. Previous to her school, Emma had a fallout with a fellow researcher over one of her creations titled the "Dream Machine". This machine could manipulate your mind to simulate telepathic abilities with the X-Factor gene and enable a person to crossover to the "Dream Realm", better known by telepaths as the Astal Plane, to manipulate telepathic abilities. The researcher, Russel Tresh, became obsessed for this type of power and attempted to extract an X-Factor from a teenage mutant to place it in his own brain for the power. After Emma twarted his attempt and he was fired, he held a grudge against her ever since. Five years passed and the Acadamy was formed to help mutants. With herself and Banshee as teachers they taught the mutants that enrolled. The mutants Jubilee, Skin, Monet, Mondo, Buff and Refrax became students where they experience many difficulties in and out of school. Learning how to use their powers, having training sessions or encountering situations and normal problems that teenagers do is the norm. When they venture outside the Acadamy into a world that hates and fears them is another problem all in itself. Outsiders, feared for what they are, they get in trouble with the townies and ultimately end up in the final test of their knowledge of their mutant powers....

Russel TreshIt turns out that Skin and Jubilee have discovered the Dream Machine that Emma invented and hid from the students. Curiousity builds and they decide to test it out themselves. The problem lies in that Russel Tresh, the man with a vengence for Emma, had rebuilt one himself and has been honing his corrupted powers. He now knows that the way to get even with Emma is through her students! It's up to the team to test their powers in a battle on the Astral Plane to save their fellow classmates lives!


Generation X (1996) (TV)
Directed by:
Jack Sholder
Produced by: Eric Blakeney (executive), Bruce J. Sallan (executive)
Film Editing by: Michael Schweitzer
Writing credits: Stan Lee
Film Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Release Date(s): USA/Canada - 20 February 1996, Germany - 25 November 1997
Genre: Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi

Cast (in credits order)
Amarilis .... Monet St. Croix/M
Suzanne Davis .... Arlee Hicks/Buff
Matt Frewer .... Russel Tresh
Finola Hughes .... Emma Frost/White Queen
Heather McComb .... Jubilation Lee/Jubilee
Jeremy Ratchford .... Sean Cassidy/Banshee
Bumper Robinson .... Mondo
Agustin Rodriguez .... Angelo Espinosa/Skin
Randall Slavin .... Kurt Pastorius/Refrax
Kevin McNulty .... Balston
Gary Chalk .... Detective Gaines
Wally Dalton .... Pruitt
Robert J. Lewis .... Jim Lee
Noel Geer .... Bruce
Garvin Cross .... Orderly
Dean McKenzie .... Harlin
Peter Bryant .... Sergeant Cruiller
James Crescenzo .... Eduardo
Kavan Smith ....
Lalainia Lindbjerg .... Kalya
Lynda Boyd .... Alicia Lee
Joely Collins .... Jeannie
L. Harvey Gold .... Donberry
Jeaneth Munoz .... Estella

Other Crew
Sean Benbow .... production assistant
Steward Burris .... computer graphic artist: North West Imaging & FX
Stan Lee .... script consultant
Scott Lobdell .... creator


Generation X Telefilm Promo ad Generation X Telefilm Magazine ad Generation X group promo Buff in GenX suit Banshee and White Queen promo shot
B/W picture of Banshee, Buff and Emma Banshee with sunglasses White Queen promo shot White Queen closeup
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